Fire and Ice Themed Sweet 16

A lavish Fire and Ice Themed Sweet Sixteen is beyond stunning! It surely brings imagination into life. Every young lady that celebrates a grand ceremony like this will definitely dream of having a Sweet 16 just as breathtaking! Here is how you can create the 16th birthday party of a lifetime:

1) A special lounge area with beautiful uplighting creates an icy ambiance.

Lasting Memories Photography

Lasting Memories Photography

Guest will love to “chill” at a specially designated lounge area. Separate a section of the venue using pipe and drape, add a few cocktail tables and chairs, and welcome your guests to a most enjoyable night. Add an even icier effect with white, plum, and blue uplighting.

2) Perfect for a fire and ice themed sweet 16, fire effect lighting creates a dramatic effect across the ceiling.


Burn the house the down, not literally, with a realistic fire effect lighting. With the easy set up of just aiming it at the center of the ceiling over the dance floor, a fire effect light will simulate flickering flames without “melting away” all other beautiful icy decorations.

3) Spectacular centerpieces of white manzanilla branches covered in icicles will look spectacular for this Fire and Ice Themed Sweet Sixteen

Lasting Memories Photography

Lasting Memories Photography

Centerpieces as gorgeous as this will attract attention from all your guests. By highlighting the bright white branches and brilliant ice crystals with centerpiece spotlights, your tables will look fit for an ice palace celebration. Contrast with a cool purple hue for the uplights lining the walls.

4) A gorgeous three-tiered cake with intricate details makes this sweet sixteen bash truly special.

Lasting Memories Photography

Lasting Memories Photography

Fire, ice, and everything nice has to include some sweetness in the mix. A beautiful fire and ice themed cake will be the center of attention of any desert table. Tie in the ice palace theme with delicate icicles on white fondant.

5) Heat things up with live fire and ice performers.

Lasting Memories Photography

Lasting Memories Photography

To really wow your guests, a fire and ice performance offers an entertaining show for your sweet 16. With their perfectly choreographed dancing and theatrical show, these fire and ice dancers will ignite the night up.

6) Add a memorable personal touch with monogram lighting.

Bat Mitzvah Gobo

Since a Sweet 16 should be all about the princess of the party, adding a custom gobo is the perfect personal touch. Shine the special girl’s name in lights against the head table or shine a snowflake pattern on the dance floor. Gobos are easy to set up and look amazing as part of this Fire and Ice Themed Sweet 16!

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