Sweet 16 Trend Alert! DIY PIPE & DRAPE BACKDROPS


Its easy to get excited about new Do-It-Yourself Pipe & Drape Backdrops! The latest trend for Sweet Sixteen Parties is pipe and drape. Drapery adds elegance to any kind of event and with the option to set them up yourself, you can stay on a budget while creating a beautiful look for any size venue. If the walls of a room are dull, adding pipe & drape will convert the room into an alluring venue. This affordable option for is the first of its kind to provide DIY setup and nationwide rental options.  You can now transform any sweet 16 from drab to fab in a matter of minutes.  This versatile and convenient system makes it the perfect choice for cake tables, head tables, trade show booths, or even an entire room.

The best part about it is that there is no need to hire professional setup staff because set up can easily be done by a first-time host, planner, parents, etc.  DIY Pipe & Drape Backdrops make event decor and setup possible for anyone.


Our featured vendor: Rent My Wedding, a nationwide event rental company, just launched their new DIY Pipe and Drape rentals! They will be offering a variety of options to completely transform your sweet sixteen into the event of a lifetime. Product highlights for their Pipe and Drape rentals include:

  • no experience required
  • adjustable width & height
  • light weight and sturdy
  • affordable price
  • free shipping nationwide

The pipe and drape backdrop kits are available for rent nationwide, starting at a price of $89 per kit with free shipping both ways.  Each kit includes a frame and drapes to create a backdrop that measures 12 feet wide by 10 feet high.  The pipe & drape kits can also be used to create wedding canopies, chuppahs, photobooth enclosures, and more.  For more details, visit www.RentMyWedding.com/Backdrop-Rentals or call 1-800-465-8020.


Beach Themed Sweet 16

Are you dreaming of splashing in the cool ocean water? Do you close your eyes and see palm trees swaying in the wind? Is the smell of sunscreen everywhere you go? Cool down your summer fever with a beach themed sweet sixteen party! There are thousands of ways to get your guests in the mood for some summer fun, but you can start with these must haves to throw the perfect “beach ball.”

1) No beach theme party is complete without an ocean!



With Water Effect Lighting, you can bring the ocean to you! Perfect for an indoor event, a projected blue water effect will complete the beach theme. Shine it over a mock sand dune area for added fun.

2) Add splashes of color to the walls!

Shawna Herring Photography

Shawna Herring Photography

Add life to your beach party with colorful uplights! Blue uplighting is a great way to simulate an underwater effect. We also love these beach ball centerpieces! Fitted spandex chair covers with blue sashes add a perfect finishing touch.

Culinary Concepts Blog

Culinary Concepts Blog

Looking for a unique twist on the beach theme? Use a fun combination of amber, red and green lights for a tropical beach party. Add potted palm trees around the room to instantly transport your guests to Key West! Uplights are easy to set up and program to any shade of color with just a push of a button.

3) Sip on a coconut under the palm trees!



Add monogram lighting to shine palm trees all over your venue! These fun green palm trees really add to the beach theme. You could also put your name or a special message in lights.

4) Message in a bottle!



Everyone could use another reason to smile. Put an inspirational quote inside a small bottle with a cork to simulate a message in a bottle that washed up ashore. This fun party favor shares the kindness and warmth that the summer season inspires.

5) Beach ball decorations!



Beach balls are a fun and affordable decoration for your beach party! We love this idea of hanging beach balls from the ceiling. At the end of the event, you could even give the beach balls away as party favors.

Sweet 16 Party Themes

Welcome to Sweet Sixteen Ideas! This blog will be all about ideas and awesome theme inspirations for your 16th birthday celebration. Whether you want your Sweet 16 to be big or small, extravagant or budget friendly, classic or as creative as can be, this blog will feature every single thing you can imagine for how to organize, plan, and decorate the perfect DIY Sweet 16 celebration!

Organized by theme, each new blog post will contain several ideas to plan and create an awesome Sweet Sixteen experience for yourself or your daughter. Taking into consideration every detail, each themed post provides tips and suggestions to inspire every one of your friends and family for your “My Super Sweet 16” style party (without all the drama). Feel free to mix and match or take suggestions to make them your own. We hope to inspire you with all different kinds of ideas for one of the most important moments in your life, your coming of age party. We hope this blog will help everyone from do-it-yourselfers to professional party planners and event coordinators plan an amazing Sweet 16 party!

Some of the theme ideas we will feature include:

Beach Theme

Under the Stars Theme

Vegas Theme

Winter Wonderland Theme

Hollywood Theme

Masquerade Theme

Great Gatsby Theme

Paris Theme

Disney Fairytale Theme

Halloween Theme

Valentine’s Day Theme

Christmas Theme

Alice in Wonderland Theme

Mardi Gras Theme

Egyptian Theme

Vintage Theme

Superheroes Theme

Sports Theme

Video Games Theme

Carnival Theme

Rustic Theme

60s Theme, 80s Theme, 20s Theme, all the eras!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Theme

New York Theme

Flower Garden Theme

Broadway Theme

Phantom of the Opera Theme

Rock and Roll Theme

Hawaiian Luau Theme

Shanghai Nights Theme

Medieval Renaissance Theme

Space Galactic Theme

Western Cowboy Theme

…and more!