Under the Sea Themed Sweet 16

Take the traditional Under the Sea theme to the next level and create a wondrous deep-sea adventure for your guests. A combination of contrasting colors on the walls and beautiful detailed additions for centerpieces will make your Sweet Sixteen a night to remember. Here are some great tips and suggestions to host the perfect Underwater Themed Sweet 16.

1) Uplighting is perfect for transforming a venue into a dramatic and magical underwater extravaganza!

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Place blue and green uplights 5-10 feet apart around the perimeter of the room to wash the walls in color.  Add depth to the room by incorporating different shades of blues and greens.  You’ll just love how awesome you Under the Sea Themed Sweet 16 will look if you add splashes of fuchsia uplighting for contrast!

2) Gobo monogram lighting is also a great way to create an Under the Sea look.

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Brian Adams Photography

Use pattern gobos to create bubbles on the walls or ceiling.  It looks especially perfect when paired with aqua blue uplighting! Starfish or seashell patterns look fantastic on the dance floor. Don’t forget you can customize the design to put the name of this Sweet 16 princess in lights!

3) Tall glass centerpieces with white tulips tie in the ocean look together perfectly.

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Tall pieces of coral and seashells make great alternatives to flower centerpieces. Fill glass vases with shells, water, and floating candles to incorporate a few ocean elements.

4) Highlight your centerpieces with pinspot lights to make the small details stand out!

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Pin spots traditionally add a beautiful glow to your centerpieces or cake. Combined with bright orange coral in your centerpieces, this contrasting look will transport your guests to the deep wonders of the sea. Elegant white chair covers ensure the tables for your Under Water Themed Sweet Sixteen look perfect.

Valentine’s Day Themed Sweet 16

In Latin American cultures, Valentine’s Day is more than just for couples, it is a day to celebrate close family and friends, “el dia de amor y amistad!” What better day to celebrate love, family, friends, and your coming of age than on Valentine’s Day? Here are some ideas and inspiration to wow your guests for a special Valentine’s Day themed Sweet Sixteen!

1) Light up the night

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Photo via Details Details

uplighting, pink uplighting, tent, pink tent uplighting, diy, wedding reception, ceremony

Photo via Wedding Chicks

Whether your sweet 16 is in a grand ballroom, a tent, or a backyard, DIY uplighting is the perfect addition to creating an elegant and sophisticated look. Uplighting is inexpensive, simple to setup, and can be set to any shade of color with just a push of a button! Use 4 – 8 uplights to highlight certain areas, such as a cake table, or space lights 5 – 10 feet apart around the entire venue for a more dramatic look. Wireless uplights are great alternatives for outdoor parties and sweet 16 events, where outlets are not available.

2) Valentine’s Day themed tables

pink uplighting, diy, wedding, wedding reception, valentine's day wedding

Photo via The Knot

We are so in love with the setup of this event room! The tables are shaped into X’s and O’s – perfect for a Valentine’s Day theme. This look is tied together with beautiful fuchsia uplighting that illuminates each column from floor to ceiling. In addition, the blue uplighting, highlighting the stage, flawlessly compliments the fuchsia.

3) Monogram Lighting

Monogram lighting, also known as gobo lighting, is an amazing way to add ambiance to your February 14th sweet 16 party. For Valentine’s Day 16th birthday parties, we love the idea of using monogram lighting to project hearts, roses, or patterns.  Texture lighting can be projected onto the wall, dance floor, or aisle.

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Photo via Unique Design Studios

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Photo via Wedding Bee

4) Heart shaped balloon send off

wedding, diy, heart, heart shaped balloons, balloons, hear balloons, wedding send off

Photo via Tressugar.com

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day themed send off idea.  Release red heart shaped balloons as you part ways from family and friends. Valentine themed balloons will add a unique element to your sweet 16 photos and give your guests something to talk about.

wedding, diy, sparklers, sparkler send off, heart shaped sparklers

Photo via Project Wedding

Lovely heart shaped sparklers are also a great addition. We love the idea of keeping with tradition, but also adding your own twist!

New Year’s Eve Themed Sweet 16

When the clock strikes 12 everyone will celebrate a New Year and what better inspiration for a celebration of a new year of your life and your coming of age? This New Year’s Themed Sweet Sixteen is a perfect combination of fun and beautiful. Here are some of great DIY tips to make your New Years Eve party sparkle!

1) Glitter Champagne Bottle

Champagne Bottle


Dress up your champagne bottle in a blanket of gold glitter. This easy and fun craft is perfect for dressing up your bubbly bar and the champagne toast when the clock strikes twelve.

2) Balloon Backdrop


Google Image

We love this birthday balloon backdrop for a champagne or cocktail bar. Create this simple and inexpensive bubble look with different sized balloons of various colors.

3) Custom Monogram Lighting


Tamarie Photography

Monogram lighting is a wonderful way to personalize your new years inspired sweet 16 birthday party. Project a custom monogram image onto the dance floor, on the wall, or use it as a backdrop for a photo booth.


Rent My Wedding

 You can customize your monogram to the guest of honor’s name, your birth date, or use the logo from your invitation.

4) Decorations and Centerpieces


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An ice bucket of champagne with exploding gold tinsel makes a great new year’s party centerpiece! Place gold or silver candles around the centerpiece and sprinkle the table with confetti.


Google Image

Tie this look together with a sequin, silver table cloth and “midnight kisses” sweet 16 party favors.


Create Craft Love

5) Mood Uplighting



Uplighting is a quick and easy way to create ambiance and to transform a room. Set the tone of your new year themed birthday party with beautiful gold, amber, or white uplights. Uplights can also be used to highlight a cake table, bar area, or a front entrance.


Fourth of July Themed Sweet 16

Independence Day is not only an important event in the history of the United States, but it is also a celebration of new beginnings. What a perfect date to choose for starting a new journey as a woman!  Here are our favorite ideas for a 4th of July themed sweet sixteen:

1) It’s ok to play with your food!



Bring out the chef in your 16th birthday party guests by having a “build-your-own” food stand as part of the buffet at your quince fiesta. We are crazy over this build-your-own smores station complete with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. You could add caramel sauce, butterscotch chips, or anything else you can think of!

2) Sparkling Selfies!



Have a sparkler photo shoot with your 4th of July sweet 16 guests. Place your camera on a tripod for stability and set it to “night-scene” to adjust for the low exposure. Now guests can take pictures that look like they’re drawing in mid-air with sparklers. Your guest will have a blast trying to get the perfect shot. However, don’t forget to always be safe around fireworks.

3) Fireworks won’t be the only thing shining!

4th of july -  gobo - uplighitng

Bring your 16th birthday party to life and impress your guests with lights. Adding red and blue uplighting is an easy way to transform the look of an entire room yourself. For an extra wow factor, couple it with a custom 4th of July monogram projector. Add the birthday girl’s name into the design for a personalized touch. Your guest will never guess it was as easy as plugging in the projector and aiming it at the wall.

4) Toast to a hot summer day!



Serve your guest (those 21 and older) this delicious sangria inspired by the American Flag. The recipe calls for 2 bottles dry white wine, 1 cup triple sec, ½ cup berry-flavored vodka, ½ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, ½ cup simple syrup, 1 cup blueberries, 1 ½ cups hulled and sliced strawberries, 1 cup raspberries, 1 ½ cups pineapple chunks (use star shaped cookie cutter to cut out patriotic star shapes). Mix it all together in a pitcher and you’re done!

5) Play some Fourth of July themed party games!



Keep your guests entertained with lots of fun games. Whether it be glow in the dark bowling or a can bean bag toss, there are many creative ways to build your own games that delight the kid in all of us. Our personal crowd pleaser will surely have everyone shouting “Bingo!”

Disney Fairy Tale Themed Sweet 16

Every one’s dream is to have a perfect Disney fairy tale themed event and hosting a Disney sweet sixteen would be perfect for any princess’ 16th birthday. The good news is that you don’t have to “wish upon a star” to achieve this amazing look for a Disney themed sweet 16 party!

1) Get Inspired With a Trip to Disney World



Get inspired for your Disney sweet 16 with a fun photo session at Disney World! Pose with Cinderella in front of her beautiful castle, have a laugh with Goofy, simply have fun visiting the park. Let’s face it, any excuse is a good excuse to go to the “Happiest Place on Earth!”

2) Invitations That Are Perfect



Every detail matters when you want the perfect event, so designing invitations fit for Princess Charming’s ball makes an excellent first impression for your special fairytale 16th birthday party.

3) Dress The Part

Zoe Wang

Zoe Wang

The perfect Disney inspired dress can complete a princess look. With a light blue, puffed up ball gown, all eyes will be set to the soon to be Queen of this fairy tale inspired coming of age celebration. Tuxedos for the boys make any sweet sixteen celebration an elegant night to remember.

4) A Beautiful Table Setting

The centerpieces make a great finishing touch for the table. A Beauty and The Beast inspired sweet 16 reception floral bouquet could include:

  • Red roses
  • Blue hydrangeas
  • Purple carnations
David Champagne Photography

David Champagne Photography

To complete the look of the table, add rhinestone buckles to your sashes for the extra sparkle.

5) Transform Your Ballroom with Uplights

David Champagne Photography

David Champagne Photography

Uplighting is a perfect way to completely transform your venue into a magical fairytale wonderland! Rent LED uplights and place them all around the perimeter of the room. You can set the lights to any shade of any color.  Pink, blue, or purple uplights are great choices to tie in the Disney theme of your party!

6) Disney Monogram Lighting

Gobo9 Pink of Perfection

For a perfect finishing touch, use monogram lighting to project a customized Disney inspired image over the head table or on the dance floor.  Here are a couple of designs that we love! Cinderella’s Carriage with your custom text looks amazing; consider adding the date of your birth date for an even more memorable personalized touch! Or how about that loving embrace between Prince Charming and his one true love? These gobo lights are sure to thrill the Disney Princess in you!

Winter Wonderland Themed Sweet 16

A winter wonderland themed sweet sixteen inspires elegance, grace, and brings enchantment to the night. No matter the season, you can achieve a magical look at your sweet 16 party with great tips and ideas like these:

1) Mood lighting!

Damon Tucci Photography

Damon Tucci Photography

Lighting is paramount to create the look and feel of a winter wonderland. Line the perimeter of the room with white and icy blue uplighting to create the effect of a snowy day. This will transform the venue and set the tone for the entire winter wonderland sweet 16 party.

2) Draped in faux snow using curtains!

Miller and Miller Photography

Miller and Miller Photography

Add pipe and drape curtains from the ceiling for a stunning look!  You can also use white uplights and shine them directly up at the curtains.  This looks amazing paired with the icy blue lighting on the walls.

3) Snowflakes projected on the Dance Floor!

Pinterest - Rent My Wedding

Pinterest – Rent My Wedding

Create a unique effect on the dance floor using texture lighting!  Choose a snowflake pattern and shine onto any surface in your venue. This looks great on the dance floor or the wall for a unique way to add ambiance to your sweet 16 bash.

4) More snowflakes in the decorations!

Chris Joriann Photography

Chris Joriann Photography

Of course, a winter wonderland birthday party isn’t complete without incorporating snowflakes through the decor of the party. From centerpieces to the cake, beautiful and intricate snowflakes should be a complete part of your winter themed coming of age celebration.



The idea to hang snowflake decorations is gorgeous! Match with string lights for even more shine! Don’t limit yourself to just snowflakes; icicles make a great option for a winter themed event like this 16th birthday party.

5) Dramatic centerpieces!

Tantawan Bloom

Tantawan Bloom Photography

Small details in your table placements will make a big difference for how your winter wonderland themed sweet sixteen celebration comes together. Choose centerpieces that will bring your party to life. A stunning mix of sparkle and white branches can create a classy centerpiece to tie into the overall theme. Use centerpiece spotlights to illuminate your floral arrangements and make them pop!